New beginnings

I’m currently writing from Bali. For those who read the blog before you have probably noticed that my previous posts have disappeared. No, it’s not an accident. I have decided to revamp the blog and give it a fresh start. I was a bit annoyed with the path it was taking, which was mostly fashion blogging, instead of design, which was the initial idea of it. In any case, I also wanted to write about my day to day, and it got a bit difficult to mix. So here we are. 

This year I’m going into my final year in university, so I’ll be posting a lot about that, along with all my little trips and a bit of everything else. New house, new flatmates, a titanic assignment for class and a bunch of new projects. I’m also making space for my designs and creations, so have a look at them. I hope you enjoy the new blog too! 🙂 See you around!


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  1. Marisa
    September 20, 2017 / 8:10 am

    Great news!! Welcome back!! 😍✨

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